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Welcome To Giovanni Med Spa, Where EveryBODY Is Celebrated!

Imagine entering a place, a little oasis of serenity, where everyone exists to cover your needs and make you feel gorgeous inside out…

This place now exists, and it’s called Giovanni Med Spa!

Combining luxurious medical-grade amenities with elegance and comfort, at Giovanni Med Spa, we provide you with a sanctuary of tranquility where you can take a break from the everyday hassle, turn the spotlight on yourself, and invest in your well-being.


To help you unveil your true beauty and let it shine, we offer multiple body and skin rejuvenating treatments and weight loss services so you can always feel and look great.

Get One Step Closer To The Best Version Of Yourself

After struggling with weight loss and body image issues for years, we understand that transforming your body can be the first step into changing your entire life. That is why we have created a professional medspa where we help you achieve your body aspirations, treating you how we would like to be treated ourselves.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology machines and specially-trained personnel, we cover your aesthetic needs with premium medical-grade solutions, services, and techniques that specialize in postpartum weight loss but also span across a wide field of body and skincare.

Although Giovanni Med Spa opened its doors to the audience recently, our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to provide safe, relaxing, and highly beneficial medical spa treatments to everyone who wishes to make a change and carve a path towards a new life.

Working On You, For You

Our Motto

Our motto is that everyone deserves the luxury of feeling fabulous in their own skin. At Giovanni Med Spa, we put all our time and energy into identifying your body and skin needs and creating a plan tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you wish to reach a physical goal or maintain your physical condition in the long run, our long list of services will help you achieve any of your dreams.

From botox, fillers, PDO threads, sculptra, skin tightening machines and treatments, medical grade body contouring treatments, laser hair removal, lipo lab injections, vitamin injections, wood therapy, and nutrition guidance, we ensure that every service responds to your personal needs and is fully customized to your body type.

Body positivity is not just a movement for us. It is a way of living. We genuinely believe that everybody deserves unconditional love and premium care, so we designed a place that celebrates all kinds of beauty and offers exceptional services of the highest quality to everyone who wants to take better care of themselves.

Our Goal

Our goal is for Giovanni Med Spa to become the premier destination for every woman and man who seeks revitalization, pampering, and exquisite body treatments.

Results You Can See & Feel !

We are not here for the bold promises and the empty words. Driven by our core values of respect, honesty, and integrity, we use efficient techniques that actually work and provide visible results, helping you enhance your beauty and health with safety.

Our biggest reward is seeing you leave our med spa satisfied, happy, and refreshed after each treatment.

So, are you ready to embark on the ultimate journey of self-care? Your new self is only a phone call away!


Child Friendly Spa

We are a company that believes that your overall well-being starts with a stress-free experience. That’s why we allow parents to bring their children to our spa. We provide a safe environment for the children so that you may feel calm while you receive our body contouring services. We have spacious rooms where children can be entertained. We provide them with healthy snacks and organic juices. The children’s room has a camera if you would like to monitor your child during the Spa Treatment. For all our guests we have a complimentary Coffee and Tea bar.
Image of a child and its mother